Something Green


Feathered sticks 

Leafy greens

Between the toes

Wiggling threw the baby forest

Coolness down to the core

Refreshing muck 

Under heavy weights of flesh

Life grows


Tears fall 

From silk smooth skies

Flooding the earth 

With cool drops

Rushing through hairs of trees

Gray gloomy puffs 

Left behind

Breaths of air 

Cast them away

Leaving puddles of cold


Sorrow eyes. 

What you wore


Only 2 feet tall

Your diaper sags

Your feet stumble

But you giggle as you run

A smile

It covers your face

It spreads through the whole place


Your stared toto struggles

Your little butt can’t hold it up 

It sways with the wind

All your worries fall behind you


You share it

Like fire 

It takes over the air

Consumes every living thing

You wear it strong

I wore it weak

You are my rock

I am the river where you speak. 

Self portrait 

She looks with quirosity 

Always returning 

Soon to just leave

Nothing fits right

Her belly to popped

Her thighs to fat

Her butt to big

Her boobs to small

Her hair to long

Her face to blotchy

She returns in new cloths

She glances in disgust 

But of corse it’s not her

It’s the cloths. 

High Speed

My brain travels at excessive speeds
Constant with loops of scenarios in my head
Emotionally tearing my mind apart
Piece by piece
It never stops
It never slows
Is all it ever knows



you are not dead

you are weak

sharp pain

you are not dying

you are falling apart

aching chest

you are not okay

you are just fine


you ae not insane

you are figuring it out

Who I Was

I never liked who I was

I never liked who I became

I was afraid of being alone

I was tired of being afraid

no one seemed to understand

I was alone no matter what I tried

and that tore me up inside

Her Hair

her hair,

always in the way.

she doesn’t seem bothered,

always ready to play.

constantly pushing

it out of the way.

its always in her eyes.

until today.

its all going away.



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