What Does She Look Like?

Morning sun rose up shining through the windows. The silence of the morning broke when she swung the door open. The door tapped the wall behind it and slowly creaked back to close. Pushing through the door way pulling a cart of food and other needs for the day, she huffed with exhaustion. The sun beams lay across the room creating a glare so I could not see but the top of her head. As she stepped through the light, her long dirty blond hair fell at her side. It shined in the light reflecting beauty down to her waste. Her body, boney and curve less, walked over to me. With a smile, she greeted me with “good morning”.

I know she’s trying, and she hides it well. She is exhausted day in and day out. Her narrow face leaned in to kiss my sweaty forehead. Her little lips cold as ice left me feeling refreshed but worried about her wellbeing. Her eyes green as the summer days’ grass glared at me with worry. But she moved on quickly to get my day started. She ripped the heavy sheets from my body and with her scrawny arms she attempted to sit me up right. “How did you sleep?” she asked with a soft voice.

Ever sense they day I met her, her voice was always tender to hear. When she speaks, the sound that softly drifts out of her mouth can sooth a wild beast. On rough days I would call for her at night and we would sit for hours telling stories. Her laughter of grace would always put me at ease. Now her voice is different. She does not speak the same. She no long sits for hours telling me stories of her childhood, or of where she thought her future was going. Now I am lucky to even get small talk out of her.

“okay” I replied. She bent down at the cart to retrieve my medications. I could see the pain in her face as she stood back up holding her back. Quickly she put herself behind her. To her, I was more important than her own wellbeing. It pains me to see my one true love in this condition. Her boney knuckled hands reach out to me with my daily morning pills. Her long piano fingers placed them in my hand along with a drink of water to chase them down my dry throat.


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